Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wild for Tone it Up

First off, thank you everyone for the excitement and the support you've given me for this new blog. Means a lot! Now that everything has started, let's talk about me, and what better way then what I am wild for in my life currently...Tone it Up

I have been a Tone it Up fan for several years, and a full member for just over a year. I loosely followed the plan and did some of the videos, but never strictly followed it till recently. Every year, 8 weeks before summer they do their annual Bikini Series. This year is their 5th year and they went BIG. I felt this was no better time to start getting my butt into gear and no better excuse.

The recipes are fantastic, the workouts are sweaty and the support from the community is amazing. Katrina and Karena also are hands on, even with how insanely busy and popular they are. I have had several of my Instagram check-ins liked by them. Always makes my day :) Below are just some of the photos of the food I am eating on this plan.
Chili Lime Shrimp Lettuce Tacos from the main Plan(staple now in this house) and Itty Bitty Bikini Smoothie

Lean clean & green chicken and kale salad with Bombshell Dressing from their 8 Week Bikini Series Plan....soo good!! 

Lemongrass Tofu Bowl (obsessed), this isn't from the plan, but Tone it Up Approved!!

What else am I wild for right now?

Sony A6000

I just ordered(tonight) actually this new camera. I have always been a DSLR user, but the size always left me wishing for something with great quality, but smaller. That way I can bring it with me to restaurants or just on my daily outings. I also am obsessed with the fact its a white camera....matches my phone. (such a design nerd at <3). I will let you know all how I love it in a bit. Or you can tell me by the new photos. I get it Monday!! EEEKKK

And finally..

I am sure so many of you know and love Stella & Dot. Well, I have always been admirer from a distance, But after finally ordering a couple pieces from my Sister-in-Laws trunk show, I knew I had to host my own. No regrets. I was able to get a necklace (plus have some credit still available but they have so many nice things and I just can't decide).

Sorry for the cell phone camera will be here soon!!!

What are you wild for right now?

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