Friday, September 11, 2015

Our First Wine Date

June, July, August AND HALF of September....

OH HEY....I get it, this turned into what I DIDN'T want to happen, but it did. So instead of giving excuses, let's make this happen. I made a quick Vlog with a small "About You" questioner since many of you will be new to this blog. While making this video I didn't realize how much I like doing these types of things! So more videos to come. But for today.....let's have our FIRST Wine Date <3

Excuse my excessive arm flaring...geeze. I want to keep doing these, so I promise I will get better!


  1. Ahahaha, this was adorable! You're adorable! I loved it.

    1. Aww hehe thanks! I thought I would try something new :)