Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Wine Date aka Shakeo Date!

Happy Friday everyone!! It is a SUNNY day over here, a little chilly. But we DON'T have snow yet. And that is impressive for almost the middle of the month.
I woke up a little later today, but was greeted by so many beautiful check-in's and accomplishments from my east coast challengers. Some days, it can be a little bit discouraging being a coach, you try and want so much, and you just aren't seeing what you need. But then things like that happen, they tell you their story and all my doubts are gone. I love and believe in what I do. If I can help make people live a healthier happier life, I will do everything in my power to make that happen! It feels AMAZINGBALLS. LOL. Sorry things just got too serious....JK <3

I am writing this post early Friday morning, so no wine drinking right now (though a glass would be really fantastic JK). I am enjoy some coffee from Starbucks and my Greenberry Shakeo, 

Looks like Christmas colours!!

Thinking of Christmas, I am one of those AWFUL people who will be putting up her Christmas tree this weekend. We don't have any kids and it just makes such beautiful lighting and I just want to :) We have been putting it up early every year since we bought the house. It makes me one happy lady!

Tonight my brother is coming over for dinner, so I wont be popping on Periscope to do a wine date. Next week!!! 

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! I have some great posts in the work for next week. 

Question: If you put up a Christmas Tree, when do you put yours up?


  1. I don't put up the tree until December 1st and take it down around January 1st. Any earlier is just too much.

    1. Mine stays up till after Serbian Christmas, so that's like January 7th hahaha. My wine dates like the mood lighting. HAHA