Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Recap #4

It is so crazy how much can change in a week! Last weekend recap I was talking about how BEAUTIFUL it was outside.....and now........Winter has come :(
It was too good to be true that the snow would never come. HAHA. Oh well! My weekend was spent MOSTLY inside. Actually I don't think I went outside at all. 
Friday I caught up on the show Reign. I love this time period. I know the show is loosely based on historical facts, but I LOVE it. There is something about drinking a glass of wine, snuggled on the couch with the christmas tree lights that completely relaxes me.

Saturday I cleaned out my office/guest room. In the process I found Zora's Ugly Xmas Sweater and had to have a impromptu photo session. Isn't she so cute? 

Apparently this is the one piece of clothing she loves. I tried to take it off her, but she nudged herself back into it. She wore it all day.

 It's a hard life

Saturday evening I had the nieces over. We baked cookies, ate pizza and watched Nightmare Before Christmas. Zora was SO SO good with them. 

Sunday was spent being very VERY lazy. I decided I needed a day off from all jobs. My IT job, Coaching business, and meal prep. I just wanted to stay in PJ's all day and binge watch Netflix. It was glorious. I am super obsessed with the show Madam Secretary. I love political dramas. 

We know how to be totally lazy in this house!

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