Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Recap #5

Nothing is harder than a Monday after being on holidays for a couple days. It is only 10am it feels like it is DRAGGING.
Since I wasn't here for my usually Throw Back Thursday due to festivies you're about to see. This will be a 4 day post. A holiday post as such! Lots of awesome things happened, and a lot of relaxing, binge tv watching also happened. It was blissful.

 I love this new onesie. I got two new ones!!

My onesie game was STRONG. I lived in them for all 4 days. I only took them off when I had friends over for American Thanksgiving and when I went to the store. Oh and when I showered. I did do that!
I spent Wednesday evening prepping Zora for all the desired touchdowns that we wanted the Packers to get. Too bad she only needed to to do two. :( . But seriously, this girls core is getting STRONG. She did 10 in a row. So proud of my girl! 

This cat thinks shes a dog, I am almost 100% sure of it. 

Thursday was going to be a busy day for me. I was having a bunch of hungry football fans over for an American Thanksgiving! 

Morning I did a little shopping at Michaels. Found my new wine glass to get me through the holidays....I kid...I think

I got these little ornaments for my tree haha. Yep....

I am super happy with how my Christmas decor is looking this year :)

So being the total spazz I am, I forgot to take a photo of all the FOOD I made. But I did get a photo of the guys after the game! Such a great time. 

Friday I didn't do anything but relax, finished some client documents and chilled. 
The onesie game was on point that day!

Saturday, I got off my butt, sorta. 
I started my morning off by sending the hubby out into the  woods for the day. Had some coffee, and got my workout in! I knew I needed it after that amazing meal on Thursday.

Zora sat around looking adorable.

Launched my sale for the end of the month. With the purchase of  a Cize or 21 Day Fix challenge pack, I am gifting a $25 gift card to Amazon!! If you're interested, let me know. Today is the last day of the sale!!

Finished the evening off with some not so healthy snacks and Christmas Vacation with a girl friend. It was awesome! Can you believe it? She had NEVER seen this movie. And she LOVES Christmas movies. 

Sunday was spent a little more alive.

Got a much needed workout in. Still feeling sluggish. 

Did some laundry, but someone tried to prevent that from happening. Hmmmm
Does anyone else HATE putting laundry away too? I HATE HATE it.

After laundry was away, dinner was finished and lunch prepped. I sat down and watched the rest of House of Cards. Apparently I never finished this last season? Strange.

How was everyone's weekend? What chore do you HATE doing? Mine is laundry.


  1. I LOVE YOUR LIVING ROOM! Seriously cutest ever!.

    1. Thank-you!! It is finally getting where I want it!!

  2. Where are your onesies from? They are so cute!
    Also love your coloured weights!!

    I HATE taking out the garbage and recycling so much. I don't know why, it's not like it's hard, but I don't like to do it.

    1. They're from Ardenes, I got 2 for $34 after tax. STEAL! Thanks, I always like pretty things when working out haha.

      I hear ya, folding laundry not hard, but I just HATE it. haha