Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wild For Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I have a saying about Wednesdays, they are awful in the morning because you still have THREE full days of work left, but AWESOME in the evening because you only have two days left. I like to play games with my mind. Here is what I am WILD for right now!
My Bowflex Slecttech weights. These beauties have made my workouts WAY more intense. I can't get enough

 These BEAUTIFUL leggings. I got them off Azura Bay. They're made from Super Soft Premium Organic Cotton. Ethically made in India. What is amazing about this site is its all the items are socially conscious brands. And they donate a portion of proceeds from each purchase!
 This so SO good. And 21 Day Fix Approved. Just another added benefit I give to my challengers is my meal plans and recipes. My husband cannot get enough of this one. Mmmm
Gains, well sorta. I go up and down, but this is a week in to another round of 21 Day Fix. Post Pizza :P. I will be sharing more of my progress to keep myself accountable. Why not right? lol 

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 My fur animals. I love these two so much. They play non-stop. Zora grows so frustrated when Tia hides in a box and swats her from inside of it :) Oh and then attacks me with love

And finally, but definitely not the least thing I am wild for is HAMMER AND CHISEL. I have been swapping in the two full preview workouts from Beachbody On Demand into my weekly workouts. Hurts so good! LOOK AT THAT SERIOUS FACE! hahahaha. I am all about embarrassing myself today. Oh if you want to try those two workouts or MANY other ones on BOD, sign up for a FREE 30 day trial. No purchase or credit card necessary. Canadian link here and USA here.

What is everyone WILD for today?


  1. I really want to try Hammer and Chisel. I just finished a round of Extreme and am going to go back to another round of regular Fix but I might do the 30 day trial and mix in some other things as well.

    1. I am actually planning a free 5 or 7 day test group with the two hammer and chisel programs on bod and adding in some of the other programs from the trainers from H&C. Let me know if you're interested! Add me on fb Destini Srbljanin :)