Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend Update

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I am currently writing this blog post from my outdoor sanctuary! This weekend was supposed to be filled with rain, but instead we had beautiful weather. I couldn't ask for anything more!!

 We had a pretty jam packed weekend over here. We celebrated the hubby's birthday in an amazing way! I have never been to horse races before, and we thought why not?

Friday night was chill, I had a glass of wine and watched Bloodline. Is anyone else watching this? I just started.... it is okay so far.

Saturday was the day or the horses!! Some of my girl friends and I wore hats, because I felt like this event needed it!

I went with a white large hat with a blue and white stripped ribbon 

I loved that we each had a different coloured hat!

My beautiful friends <3 <3

With the excitement of the races and amazing group of friends out, I didn't take any other photos except for one of the group. And of course the hubby has his eyes closed... fail!!! But it was a fantastic time. I made a few small $2.50 bets! I wont $5.75 off one too!! No bank accounts were broken! 

Saturday morning was served with my favourte go to breakfast right now. Rolled oats with all the toppings. This one had chia seeds, cashew milk, organic wild berries and a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Always hits the SPOT!

And I finished this amazing weekend off, writing this post in my new favourite spot

How was your weekend?