Hello! I'm Destini, I am a 30-something year old wife, a fur momma to one pretty bengle kitty named Tia and another crazy pup named Zora. I have a new found passion for home decor since we recently purchased our first house in 2013. I love all things food, and you will always see me trying to make up healthy dishes and flooding my Instagram with photos of it(yep, I am very guilty of snapping photos obsessively of food). When I am not in the kitchen or scouring the home decor sites, I am learning everything I can about fitness and health.

Several years ago, I blogged about my journey of getting fit and healthy for my upcoming wedding in 2011. I have since had another blog that flooded the internet with healthy clean recipes for all. After several strong years, I have stepped away from that blog, made the hard decision to start fresh and new. I wanted to try and create something that reflects me much more closely than I had ever before.

I will continue to share healthy recipes on here, but maybe I will also share some not so healthy recipes too. My thoughts on a clean lifestyle have changed quite a bit over the years. I boast about balance and don't want to feel guilty if I criss-cross a bit in both worlds. This blog will share all of my passions; Food, Design, Home Decor, Style, Fitness and something in between.

This year I decided to become an online wellness coach! I motivate and keep a team of people in shape and accountable! Please contact me if you're interested in hearing more :)

Now for some introductions:

George & Myself: